Berekböszörmény - Lugașu de Jos - Șuncuiuș tourist route

The starting point is Berekböszörmény, a village in the district Berettyóújfalu, Hajdú-Bihar county, Hungary, with a population of 1.905 inhabitants. GPS coordinates: Latitude 47.0650084, Longitude 21.6835918
The ending point is Șuncuiuș, the seat village of the parish with the same name in Bihor county , Crișana region, Romania. Șuncuiuș is situated at the foothills of Pădurea Craiului mountains, along the course of the Crișul Repede river. Starting from upstream we can find a few springs and streams that contribute to the river flow. GPS coordinates: Latitude 46.9457577, Longitude 22.5357405.

• The altitude of the starting point is 95 m, the highest altitude of the whole route is 310 m at Șuncuiș, while the ending point`s altitude is also 310 m.
• The tourist route is roughly 93 km long; the trip can be covered in 17 hours and 15 minutes by foot or in 1 hour and 37 minutes by means of transport.
• The flora is varied; one can find both deciduous and coniferous woodlands. In the valley of the river the meadow vegetation prevails.
• The varied fauna`s most iconic animals are rodents, otters, wild boars and deer.
• The tourist route is of medium difficulty, it demands good body condition and experience in orientation.
• Points of interest: The Ungurului cave.
• Recommended facilities: Gradia Șuncuiuș guesthouse
• This route is appropriate for the younger generation, for families with children and also for elderly people.
• Guided tours: info
• Tourist safety info: low risk