Creation and promotion of a new thematic cross-border route along the Crișul Repede river

The events were organized within the project Creating a joint tourist destination in the cross-border area of ​​Lugașu de Jos and Komádi, through cross-border protection of natural heritage values ​​along the Crișul Repede Valley”, project financed by the Interreg Romania-Hungary Program, PA1 – Joint protection and efficient use of common values ​​and resources (Cooperating on common values ​​and resources), SO6/c – Sustainable use of natural, historic, and cultural heritage within the eligible area, project number ROHU 68.

The general objective of the project is to create and promote a new thematic cross-border route along the Crișul Repede river.

The project focuses on the Tileagd reservoir, built on the Crișul Repede river, and on the Hungarian side the project is concentrated in the Varsánykeri lake area of ​​Komádi. Both lakes have a low conservation status, compromising the development of tourism in their region and requiring urgent interventions.

The main results of the project are the improvement of the state of conservation of both lakes, by greening a land occupied by waste storage facilities, located in the immediate vicinity of the Tileagd reservoir on the Romanian side, and by creating an ornithological habitat on the shore of Lake Varsánykerti, on the Hungarian side , as well as by supporting these sites with new visiting infrastructures.

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